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Jul 28


Hawa Mahal “Palace of the Wind”, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

The city is unusual among pre-modern Indian cities in the regularity of its streets, and the division of the city into six sectors by broad streets 34 m (111 ft) wide. The urban quarters are further divided by networks of gridded streets. Five quarters wrap around the east, south, and west sides of a central palace quarter, with a sixth quarter immediately to the east. The Palace quarter encloses the Hawa Mahal palace complex, formal gardens, and a small lake. Nahargarh Fort, which was the residence of the King Sawai Jai Singh II, crowns the hill in the northwest corner of the old city. The observatory, Jantar Mantar, is one of the World Heritage Sites.[4] Included on the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, along with Delhi and Agra, Jaipur is an extremely popular tourist destination in Rajasthan and India.

Source: Wikipedia

Jul 28
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Shops of the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Two Suns


Rapunzel’s nonchalantness brought her attention to a vendor who was seriously trying to sell some sort of nuts. Her lips puckered and she kissed her teeth with a roll of her eyes. Of course he’d have met the princess what a casanova.

"Same idea as yours it seems. I know the prince, Aladdin, and his monkey Abu. They visited Corona not that long ago and I thought I’d return the favor. Right now I’m just checking out the square and… sticking out like a sore thumb.” Rapunzel’s blonde hair and creamy complexion would make anyone stick out in this desert. Yet she had to admit seeing a familiar face made her feel less of an outcast.

"You look… good. Healthy!" she commented with a flickered look at his pants. "I won’t ask I don’t want to get in trouble from knowing whatever it is you’ve gotten into.”

"Ah. Her husband. I do recall the princess mentioning him during that one fleeting moment we had." Saying it that way seemed more impressive than it actually was, where Jasmine had read him like he was his own wanted poster. He also recalled the princess warning him about what they did as a consequence for stealing, but that just made it all the more of a challenge he just had to accept.

"Apparently he and I are pretty similar in some… qualities. Not the moneky part, I might add." He paused to sidestep an oncoming cart, moving closer to Rapunzel.

"And you look pretty good yourself — like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, which is a strange thing to say since you still obviously have all that hair on your head."


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Jul 25

Two Suns


"Uhuh," came her ‘I don’t believe you for a second' reply. “Weeeelll it would be one of the least expensive things you’ve tried to steal from me.” Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear she returned his shrug and stepped forward. It was such an odd time and place to meet after so long but destiny was funny like that. Maybe he was sent to help her? Or he really was just after something.

"So why are you here? I can’t imaaagine you’d come all this way to talk to an old frieeend.”

Ravi let out a sigh — not one of defeat, mind you, but one more along the lines of ‘yeah, I know you know I’m bullshitting, but give me a break, Blondie’.

"Just visiting some old stomping grounds. I’ve met the princess of this place once," he said. He didn’t even bother with continuing about how exactly that meeting went. Thinking about it, he seemed to have a way with encountering royals more often than he liked — well, depending on the situation, of course.

In any case, his pockets were filled enough in proportion to how long he had been in the Agrabanian marketplace.

"And what about youuuu?” he said, trying to match her tone before dropping it back to his normal voice. “That is, it’s only fair for me to ask since you asked first after all.”

Zip Me - One Shot

Leave a “Zip Me in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character dressing another, or the other way around [this can also be used for shutting them up as well, but feel free to specify.]

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With his hand in hers, Rapunzel lead Ravi down one of the many halls that made up the palace of Corona. His thieving eyes couldn’t help but stray a little as they passed numerous priceless art piecing lining the place with every turn of a corner. It was actually pretty amazing how fast Rapunzel had gotten her bearings in a place like this compared to Ravi, who could usually make heads or tails of an overgrown forest or twisting alleyways of the city due to his past of roaming around, but this palace was a whole other story (however, his wandering eyes toward shiny trinkets probably had something to do with it.)

"Where are we going again, Alka?" He managed to tear his gaze off of an elaborate tapestry that hung down from the ceiling as they turned another corner. He also managed to keep her nickname he used for her even though her ridiculously long hair was chopped off thanks to him a few months ago.

Without looking back, Rapunzel smiled, but he could still hear it in her voice. “I told you; it’s a secret!” With a faux sigh of defeat, Ravi rolled his eyes and continued to be lead down another hallway.

Corner after corner, corridor after corridor, the two of them weaved in and out of the palace’s interior. Ravi was starting to think they’d end up in another country instead of another wing of the place. He could’ve sworn they had passed the same vase about seventeen times already — but who’s counting?

"We’re here!" Rapunzel exclaimed happily as she brought the both of them to a stop in front of a pair of large wooden doors that climbed almost to the high ceiling. Neither of them had any windows to reveal what was inside but they both were deftly carved into, revealing intricate designs from corner to corner.

"Where’s here?" Ravi rose a brow at his companion.

"You’ll see! Except. Not really. Because you have to close your eyes."


"Don’t worry! Just close your eyes and don’t say anything."

"But, Alka—"

"Shh!" She pressed a finger to his lips and he could feel his face heat up a little before he shut his eyes and pursed his lips. He felt her hands holding on to his again while the sound of heavy doors being moved was heard as they moved forward. They stopped moving again but he could hear her move behind him then cover his eyes with her delicate hands for good measure. it was a good thing she was behind him because he wasn’t sure how red he was exactly. "No peeking," she whispered, standing on her tiptoes to say it in his ears.

"I can’t because you’re cov—"

"Shhhh…" Her hushing was quiet.

After blindly walking to their destination, Rapunzel stopped him, let go of his head and sat him down cross-legged on the floor. He didn’t open his eyes immediately, thinking she’d give him a cue to do so.

Now we’re here.” Her voice was still low. Ravi opened his eyes slowly then squinted to get use to the light. Surrounding the two of them were walls and towering shelves holding tons of books, papers and anything readable and several other people roaming around with scrolls and texts.

"A library?" He turned his gaze toward her as she settled on a pillow next to him.

"Look down, silly." 

There was a copy of The Tales of Ravi Rider laying in front of him, its gilded cover shone brightly in the natural light of the room. Rapunzel held her face in her hands as she leaned her elbows on her knees as she watched a smile appear on his face. “Let’s read it together.”

Tell Me - one shot

Leave a “Tell Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character confessing something to another [be it a love confession, a secret, feel free to specify.]

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Ravi rubbed the back of his head and felt a slight bump where that frying pan first him him and another for the second hit, wincing at the tenderness they still had. He let out a huff that caused the already-tousseled bangs that fell across his forehead to flutter up.

"What?" Rapunzel’s voice bounced off the tunnel walls as she looked over at him, walking alongside him with that frying pan at her side. 

With a slightly annoyed look (actually, it was pretty annoyed; he wasn’t trying to hold anything back) at both her and the frying pan, he replied, “I have a feeling those bumps on my head will stay forever, judging by hard you clocked me. Twice.”

The girl puffed up her cheeks and furrowed her brows in a pout. “I said I was sorry! It’s not every day I have something scaling up my tower and it wasn’t like I knew it was another human!” She said this all too-dramatically for him as she waved the pan around.

He rolled his eyes. The ‘frog’ on her shoulder gave him a death glare. “Well, it’s definitely not the hardest I’ve been hit,” he grumbled more to himself, but she heard him anyway since he replied with a pressing and overly-curious, “Oh?”

With another sigh, he shook his head and put his hands up. “Nah, you don’t want to know. Too gory.” She stopped in her tracks and crossed her arms, which made him stop to look back. “What?”

"I just convinced a whole tavern of ruffians and thugs tell me about their dreams and you don’t think I can handle your little story?”

"Look, Alka, this isn’t the time for this. We’re trying to escape for those guards, remember? Who else going to take you to the lights?"

She crossed her arms, the frying pan tucked under one of them.

He let out a groan before running his hand down his face. “Fine, I’ll tell you as long as you keep moving.” Instantly she perked up and caught up with him, her long raven black hair trailing behind her. With a heavy sigh, he began his story. “Back when I was a kid, several others and I were playing tag on a tiled floor. It was around lunchtime and other kids were watching us as well. Then, out of nowhere, some kid dropped his banana peel and I stepped on it—”

"Wait, what? This isn’t scary at all." She crossed her arms again, unimpressed. Smaller chittering noises were heard from her shoulder; it seemed as if the frog was laughing.

"I didn’t say it was going to be scary. I said gory because after stepping on it, I sliiiiiiiiiiid andBAM!” He slapped his hands together for effect, causing her to jump. “I was flat on my back and blood was EVERYWHERE.” At the last word, he spread his arms out wide. “Ended up with some stitches and a huuuge bump on the back of my head for several days.”

Rapunzel remained silent for a bit as she let the story stew in her mind. “You’re not such a tough guy after all, are you?” The smirk on her face revived the annoyance he had before.

"Pssh, what? You’re talking to Ravi Rider, the most wanted thief in all of Corona. Everyone has their clumsy moments.” He frowned, crossing his arms.

She smiled to herself as they continued down the tunnel.


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