[Fairytales Retold] Disney in Ancient Asia ~ Tangled ~

↳Set in Ancient India where Sonam Kapoor is Rapunzel, a beautiful young woman who lives with her evil stepmother on a fort in the middle of a great lake and Ranveer Singh is Raj, the lovable scoundrel that finds her. Stolen by the evil witch as a baby from the palace, Rapunzel grew up lonely but bright. Her only company are the doves that fly from the nearby mountains that surround the lake until, one day when the witch leaves on her monthly travels, a young ruffian shows up at the fort. Raj tells Rapunzel he was running from some unsavory folks and, having found a small barge hidden away in some trees by the shore, used it to flee his pursuers. Slowly but surely as the days go by, the two fall in love and Raj convinces Rapunzel that the world isn’t such a scary place as her mother had her believe. They flee the fort using the barge and Raj shows Rapunzel the beauty of the land. One day, they reach a city where a great, colorful festival is taking place and they join in the dancing and merry making. As luck would have it, the King and Queen are in attendance and they recognize the lost princess. They family reunites and the princess is crowned and taken to live in the castle with his family and Raj as her husband and consort.


Follow the Line (Saudi Arabia) by MONEF AL-GAHITHI 



((Brb dying because Flynn’s “kids” are getting out of hand.))

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((Brb dying because Flynn’s “kids” are getting out of hand.))


Adalaj - Stepwell, Gujarat, India

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Shortstop || Ravi & Shanti

Little village or bustling city, there was always something to steal, whether it was a precious jewel Ravi was sure someone wouldn’t miss until much later, a date — the food kind — to settle a bit of hunger, heck, even actual “romantic” dates from a few stolen hearts if he were to cross any.

However, the thief was pretty content at the moment just letting things catch his eye without there being an itch in his hands to just reach out and swipe it for himself. In fact, he kept his hands clasped together behind him as he leisurely strolled around, pausing every so often to look at various trinkets, fabrics, and displayed in front of shops and carts along the road side before moving on.

He picked a small town with not too much traffic, nor knowledge of his deeds, so he figured it would just be better to not cause a commotion. Then again, there was always the challenge of slipping something away without anyone noticing. But, for now, he was good.

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