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Two Suns



"It’s been a while, hm?" There was no hiding the sly grin the thief had on his face after seeing those familiar blond tresses.

When Rapunzel turned to face the owner of the voice she was struck with an odd sense of joy and annoyance. Ravi was one of the few people who’d been able to come and go in her life with very little impact but kept enough of a presence to be remembered.

The princess raised her chin and crossed her arms over her chest with a snort. “Not long enough by the sun’s position in the sky,” she answered with a crooked smile of her own.

"And what exactly are we trying to steal this time?"

Ravi raised both of his hands in defense and laughed a bit; she was still as spunky as ever.

"Steal?" he replied, trying to sound offended. "Your words always seems to cut me deep." Nevertheless, the smile was back on his face as he dropped his hands, letting one rest on his hip. "If I were stealing anything right now it’d only be a bit of your time, princess. Nothing wrong with exchanging a few pleasantries with an old friend, right?" — as if the two of them were even considered ‘friends’; he shrugged that little nuance off.

Bollywood meets Disney
» tangled meets khoobsurat


Finally doing my own take on the whole Tangled in India racebending.

I don’t want a dupatta bc the hair is enough for drapey things really. Outfit is pretty much set, will be adding some of the Disney embroidery with my own.
Definitely putting a bindi ornament, which always goes best with center partings like she has haha
I’m still not sure if I wanna do a huge pony tail or have it down or something, bc now it’s in between the two. No braid since Disney already did that. Plus having it loose give the impression it’s functional, as in ropes and whatnot

Any suggestions?

@Ravi, Ducklings and Guards


If Rapunzel had been back in her tower, or even out in the lush fields, Ravi’s comment would have sent her into an aggressive tailspin. Of course she was definitely not going back yet. Her heart thumped a little too hard in her chest when Ravi pulled her towards the door. Sure, she could get out. But wouldn’t he take her home?

The door slammed before he could bring her past the threshold."They’re going to hurt me. I’m going to have a panic attack. We’re never going to make it to the lights!"  Peeking over Ravi’s shoulder, Rapunzel could see that the drawing on the door was certainly a portrait of Ravi. Not a very good one, but it was him all the same.

One of the very intimidating men started to approach Ravi. He pulled him by the collar and insisted he would be given a reward. Ravi was swiftly wrenched off the ground by another man, ripped away at the arms by another, and grabbed by another still. Soon the whole crowd of men had Ravi surrounded and appeared to tearing him apart. “No, no! I need him! What if they actually hurt him!”

"Please, stop! Hey, leave him alone!" Rapunzel’s voice hardly carried over the roar of the mob. She tried to whack one of the larger men with her skillet a few times, but all she could hit was his shield. "Give me back my guide!" She broke away from the crowd to see if there was a way in. Looking around, she found something even better. A weapon. Rapunzel whipped her hair around a branch that had broken through the ceiling board and tugged as hard as she could. The branch snapped back before falling hard and fast on the largest man’s head. The mob paused.

"Put him down!" The large man turned his head to her. This would be her only chance to reason with him, so she tried to speak quickly. "Hah, okay. I don’t know where I am and I need him to take me to see the lanterns because I’ve been dreaming about them my entire life! Haven’t any of you ever had a dream?" The large man turned away from Ravi and pulled a large sword from a sheath on his back. It would have been a beautiful and impressive instrument to admire if he wasn’t approaching her with it in hand. 

Hands continued to pound into Ravi’s face and body as he was weighed down by multiple smelly, sweaty limbs despite his calls of desperation for them to stop. At this rate, his nose would probably end up looking like a number of his wanted posters, including the various shapes with every punch and wallop. He could barely hear the girl’s voice as it was drowned out by the growing volume of the men’s calls of greed as each one seemed to have a reason to reap in the rewards for himself after turning in the thief. 

After grunting and hollering in pain, Ravi was able to see again, only to spot one of the thugs winding back his fist and was aiming right for his face as the other burly men holding him down watched. “Not the nose! Not the nose!" he pleaded, trying to move as much as he could while being held back. A ginormous hand clamped down on his head to restrain his movements even more. The least Ravi could do was close his eyes as he braced for the oncoming blow.

A loud thunk roared through the air, which immediately brought anything and everything in the Snuggly Duckling to a halt as silence descended on the place. After a moment of anticipating the place to erupt in the same commotion that filled the place only seconds ago but it never came, the thief cracked open an eye to witness the guy that was about to smash his face in direct his glare at the girl who yelled at them all. Did she really have a death wish? Apparently so as the the rest of the men followed suit in turning their attention to her. Ravi’s jaw went slack as his own gaze stayed on her and before he knew it, he was hung on a nail by the back of his shirt.

The one brandishing the sword sauntered over to the girl. His grimace broke once he was almost nose-to-nose to her as he growled out, “I had a dream once.” He then tossed his sword in the direction of a scrawny guy in the corner with his legs bound together. In the poor fellow’s lap was a tabla drum. The larger man pulled a swarmandal out while everyone was distracted by the sudden beat and started playing it as he expresse his true dream of being a famous swarmandal performer since his hook wasn’t much of a hinderance. Soon the place was filled with cheering, contrasting with the yells from before, as numerous men started confessing their dreams.


Flynn | Varun: went looking for gold, and found diamonds.

@Rapunzel, Ducklings and Guards


It was getting hard for Rapunzel to maintain her breathing. Everything about where Ravi had taken was just wrong. There wasn’t a single duckling in the Snuggly Duckling. The people here were nothing like ducklings. He did know there weren’t any ducklings here, didn’t he? Rapunzel only had her skillet for protection. Even Pascal shuddered and hid from their surroundings.

There was a smelly man covered in rats, a man with a hook, and a very intimidating little man touching her hair! She raced to the other side of the tavern in an attempt to hide in a corner, but she could only find more…scary men. None of these men had pointy teeth as far as she could tell, but they had pointy knives and that was bad enough. Not a single one of them looked happy to see her. Or Ravi.

Ignoring the continuous glares supplied by the Snuggly Duckling’s regulars, Ravi carefully watched Rapunzel brandish her frying pan around as she avoided the burly men that surrounded her. Putting on a concerned face as he contemplatively rubbed at the stubble on his chin, he followed her.

"Hey, you don’t look so good, Alka," he said, laying the worry thick on his voice. "Maybe we should get you home. Call it a day." He nodded as if agreeing with himself on such a great plan and started to excuse her back out toward the exit. "Probably be better off. This is a five star joint after all, and if you can’t handle this place, well, maybe you should be back in your tower.”

He was cut off as a thick hand pounded the inn’s wall, blocking the entrance. One of the thugs was staring daggers at Ravi as his open hand covered a flyer on the wall. “Is this you?” the hulking man growled out.

Familiar with the wanted poster, Ravi was more curious to see if they actually got his mug right. With no hesitation, he moved aside the thug’s finger, revealing an elongated nose on his profile sketch. “Aw, now they’re just being mean.”

Another thug pushed his way to them; his hook gleaming in the dim lighting of the inn as he chuckled darkly. “Oh ho,it’s him all right. Nikhil,” he called over his shoulder to another man with tattoos up his arms, “Go find some guards! That reward’s going to buy me a new hook.” His hook drew Ravi in close as the thief tried to look not as concerned as he felt since the attention now was turned to him.

A heavy hand grabbed Ravi by the shoulder and he was then pulled against another big man (who was really sweaty). “I could use the money,” the guy’s muffled voice insisted behind a burlap mask.

The giant thug from before started to complain and snatched Ravi away into a headlock of his own. “What about me? I’m broke!” Word of getting a reward spread through the inn quickly and hands started to reach out for Ravi, but the thug that he was currently handling him lifted his body above the crowd with no effort as he yelled, “Get back!”

"W-We can work this out," Ravi cried out, trying to stifle any signs of anxiousness behind his voice as he started to be pulled in many directions at once by the greedy men. "Gentleman, please!" As soon as he said that a ginormous fist was shoved in his face.


Tangled, set in 1000 A.D. India inspired by these posts

Deep in the jungles of Southern India, in a kingdom lost to time, a king and queen prayed for a child. The goddess Devi blessed them with a daughter with extraordinary healing abilities. But soon after her birth, the young princess went missing, stolen away by Gangamma, the Queen’s older sister, who sought the princess’s powers to preserve her youth.

Eighteen long years pass and the kingdom grows destitute without an heir. Though she remains hidden away, the infant princess grows into a brave and intelligent girl who wants nothing more than to explore the world. Tired of the abandoned temple she lives in and of her rigid mother, Roshni yearns to attend Diwali, the festival of lights that falls every year on her birthday and light a diya with her own hands.

Several hundred miles away, in Northern Indian, a notorious bandit is on a collision course for the same abandoned temple. Enter Farhan, a thief who has stolen and swindled from the richest of emperors. Desperate for a getaway, he veers into the jungles of the South, into the heart of the bustling Chola Empire and into a temple he was so sure was empty…

Nothing seems like it will ever change in either of their lives…until, quite suddenly, they meet.


Shruti Hassan as Princess Roshni

Ranveer Singh as Farhan / Ekanjeet Singh

Rekha as Gangamma

Kamal Hassan as King Rajadhiraja Chola, Roshni’s father

Sridevi as Queen Padmavati, Roshni’s mother