With a huff of a laugh, Ravi smirked and caught the pouch in his hand in mid-twirl. “You wound me, princess. No ‘borrowing’ here. I actually plan on making a purchase if possible. Heard your marketplace is the place to be.”

“Oh, how generous of you.” She quipped, “Well…it’s not quite what it used to be, but I’m sure you’ll find something nice. Anything special in mind?”

He started to toss the bag between his hands, watching it as the coins resumed clinking against one another. “Nothing in particular at the moment. Just thought I’d get whatever catches my eye. Unless…” He lifted a brow as he turned his gaze back on Jasmine, “you could personally recommend something?”


She smiled, half heartedly, “Yes, a lot has changed around here.” She noticed his jingling bag and raised a brow. “Not borrowing from the palace are you? The guards might not be too pleased about that.” 

With a huff of a laugh, Ravi smirked and caught the pouch in his hand in mid-twirl. “You wound me, princess. No ‘borrowing’ here. I actually plan on making a purchase if possible. Heard your marketplace is the place to be.”



"Hey there, princess." Ravi casually leaned against the frame of the doorway he was standing in, giving a small salute of a wave to the Agrabahanian royal heir. "Long time no see. New haircut?"

Jasmine looked up at the door, seeing an old acquaintance. “Ravi, right?” Unconsciously, she ran a hand through her short hair at it’s mention. “Yes, it’s been a while.” She smiled, “What brings you to Agrabah?”

"It’s an honor that you remembered my name, your Highness." After noting the small avoidance of his simple question, the thief grinned as he uncrossed an arm, revealing a small pouch. Its contents jingled as it moved before he started twirling the draw string around his finger. "Just visiting. The place is locked down tighter than I remember from the last time I passed by." His eyes scanned the room toward a window that looked over the city.

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Rapunzel stood at the ledge and combed through her hair nervously. She had decided not to bring anything at all. It should be enough that she carried a skillet. It had, after all, served her well in her tower. She could see what she imagined was the whole world before her. The air already smelled different. The sky was a new blue. And she hadn’t even moved yet. She didn’t dare go forward. The world outside might swallow her up. Still, this was everything she ever wanted. All she had to do was jump!

Her hair was hooked to the tower. She slid down swiftly. Rapunzel had never moved at that kind of speed. The breeze that propelled past her might have stung a little if she could focus on it at all. She paused just above the ground. Grass looked so much sharper up close. One foot touched the ground first. The grass was smooth and the dirt felt like soft crumbs! The flower Ma always called “Prince’s crown” would fly away if she blew it a little hard. She had completely forgotten about Ravi now. There was so much more than she thought she would find. Everything felt fresher and more open than she could ever picture. Her life was beginning now. “I can’t believe this!” She squealed.”Oh. I can’t believe this.” Every minute was a rush of complex emotions. She was exactly where she wanted to be. But what she was doing as wrong. Wasn’t it?

“I can’t believe I did this! Mother would be so furious. That’s okay! I mean, what she doesn’t know won’t kill her, right? Oh my gosh, this would kill her.  This is so fun!  I am a horrible daughter. I’m going back. I am never going back! Woo-hoo! I am a despicable human being.” She swung around the largest tree she could find by the length of her hair. “Woo-hoo! Best. Day. EVER!” Within in an hour, she had crashed. She was most definitely doing wrong by Ma. Rapunzel hid behind a boulder, hoping Ravi wouldn’t notice her crying.

Hearing her voice from above, Ravi looked up, only to discover Rapunzel plummeting down her seemingly endless cascade of hair. Not wanting to be knocked off the tower and fall to his death, he immediately pressed himself against the stone to flatten himself as much as possible. She passed him giggling and a swift breeze followed. Once it was clear, he resumed his hold on the arrows and continued to scale down the tower’s walls, making sure his feet were secured in nooks in crannies found within the stones as he descended. Thank Ganesha it was easier going down than up. 

Once on the ground, he yanked the arrows free from the tower and tossed them at the foot of the tower within the flowering vines that creeped up the stones. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the girl rolling around in the ground as she continued to giggle. He pursed his lips as he silently followed her, letting her get over whatever she was going through.

Apparently whatever that was took longer than he expected. Honestly, he didn’t want to try dissect what was going on in that long haired-head of hers as her emotions continued to flux up and down and all around as she twirled, climbed, hid, danced, rolled, and curled up in a ball within a span of an hour. She had finally came to the point of crying. On top of that, they weren’t making any progress on getting his satchel back. Well, going to the kingdom first, returning her home to get her out of his hair, then getting his satchel back. Man, was that a lot of things in the way between him and his satchel. Maybe… Somehow he could convince her to skip the whole lantern thing and return to the castle—with good reason, of course. The world was too much for this girl to handle. With a sigh, he approached the girl, whose face was buried in her hands, and cleared his throat after he settled on what to say.

"You know, I can’t help but notice you seem a little at war with yourself here." He grabbed his chin in thought, lightly stroking the stubble as he kneeled beside her. "Now, I’m only picking up bits and pieces of course. Overprotective mother, forbidden road trip… I mean, this is serious stuff! But let me ease your conscience." He continued to keep his voice as calm as possible as he stood back up. "This is a part of growing up: A little rebellion, a little adventure—that’s good! Healthy even!" As he spoke, he felt a small weight appear, crawl up his back, and stay on his shoulder. Without even glancing at the frogorwhateveritwas, he brushed it off to who knows where.

"You’re way over-thinking this, trust me. Does your mother deserve this? No. Would this break her heart and crush her soul? Of course! But you just got to do it.”


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Poking his head out of the bushes, the boy noticed a tall Indian man with a rather interesting outfit on. Wanting to get a closer look, Mowgli crawled towards him on all fours lightly brushing the fabric of his pants as he moved.

Ravi had been taking in his surroundings, deciding which way would be the best route to arrive to the next village the fastest while staying unnoticed by any possible law enforcement officers that may be patrolling the area for thieves like him. His brow wrinkled once he caught the sound of something approaching from behind, but since it didn’t sound like regular footsteps, he just stayed frozen in the moment, thinking it was an animal. However, he wasn’t expecting whatever it was to move against his leg, which made him jump and exclaim suddenly in surprise. He quickly turned and looked down to see what in the world did that. A grimace of confusion spread across his face upon seeing a small, barely-dressed boy crawling on the ground at his feet.

"Uh, may I help you, little guy?"


Tangled in India- Rapunja by Maaronn. An alternative take on the Disney story.

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“Really?” In a rush of excitement, she forgot she was the one thing keeping Ravi falling flat. She jumped up and squealed gleefully. His chair fell forward and his nose undoubtedly experienced some abuse. “Oops.” After pulling him back up, she unwrapped him and allowed him to get his bearings. The first thing she realized once he was fully standing was how much taller than her he was. Ma was fairly tall too. Rapunzel wondered if they were especially tall or if she was short. Were all the other people tall outside?

She didn’t allow herself to focus on it for too long. Aside from having to prepare herself for a journey, she didn’t want him to notice her trying to mentally measure his height. Rapunzel disappeared into the tower’s only bedchamber to make her decision about what to take along with her.

Once her hand slipped, Ravi and the chair were introduced to his good ol’ friend gravity causing him to quickly plummet to the ground once again. With another loud thunk, his whimper of pain was followed by a weak squeak, “You broke my smoulder.” He groaned as the girl hoisted him up while his mind was trying to will his body, especially his face, to not bruise from all this abuse that was inflicted on him in the past few hours. His restraints were loosened as her hair unwound and piled around him.

Once free, he carefully stepped around the seemingly endless raven locks and smoothed down his clothes. He out an irritated sigh as he ran his fingers through his own scraggly hair then down his face. He then gingerly felt around his scalp to find any tender spots from all the hits, wincing then grumbling again once he found a small bump. Annoyed, he looked around the room one last time as he rubbed the back of his neck to see if he could spot any traces of his satchel.

With no luck he neared the window to check out the drop, not even bothering to revel in the girl’s radiating energy and excitement. He let out another huff as he collected the arrows that he used to scale up the tower not too long ago (or at least he thought wasn’t too long ago) from the floor. With no belongings other than his satchel, which was out of his reach at the moment, he didn’t find a need to linger in the place any longer. The faster he took her to see the lanters and took her home, the faster he’d get his satchel back and rid of her. 

He hoisted himself onto the window sill and carefully swung his body over after securing the arrows into the side of the tower. With a grunt, he started to descend. Exiting a tower this way would of course take longer than the stairs, but as he remembered, there were no exits leading down beside that window. After a while, he stopped to holler up at the window, “You comin’, Alka?”


India by Mira Bai on Flickr.

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