Cameleon (by Sergiu Bacioiu)


Cameleon (by Sergiu Bacioiu)

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Selected illustrations by John D. Batten and Gloria Cardew from the book, Indian Fairy Tales.

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Disney’s Tangled Stabbington Brothers art
by ~cdpetee
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Purple Door, Jaipur, India
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Face of a Jackson by HawaiianVirtualTours on Flickr.
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@Rapunzel, A Stranger in My Tower


As Rapunzel circled the stranger, her hair continued to bind him to the chair. Despite what Ma had told her about men in the world, this one insisted that her hair had no value to him. “Wait, you don’t want my hair?” What could he want then? Nothing else she owned was magic. His story did make some sense, though she couldn’t quite figure out who would chase him or why. “You’re telling the truth?”

Pascal wasn’t so sure. He raced down from Rapunzel’s shoulder to her out-stretched, pan-wielding hand. He squinted his bulbous green eyes as tightly as possible in an attempt to intimidate Ravi. After an adequate amount of observation, he motioned for Rapunzel to pull him back. He and Rapunzel took a step out of Ravi’s aural range to consider the facts. “I know I need someone to take me,” she said, holding the chameleon up in her palms and took his frantic squeaks into consideration. “I think he’s telling the truth too. He doesn’t have fangs. But what choice do I have?” She sighed deeply.

“Okay, Ravi Rider, I’m prepared to offer you a deal.” She walked past him and approached the freshly painted mural above her fireplace. “Look this way. Do you know what these are?”

"Yes," Ravi answered desperately as she questioned his honesty, hoping that his situation was finally getting through her. He jumped slightly as the frog-like creature scurried down her arm and stared at him with his globe-like eyes that moved this way and that, making him shift uncomfortably in his bindings. 

As if he couldn’t find another reason to deem this girl as crazy, he watched her turn around and actually converse with the thing. Not that he could hear anything they were saying to one another, but he doubt that the frog was responding in Hindi back to her. More importantly, she was distracted, so he took this window of opportunity, albiet a very small window, to try break free. As best as he could, he tried to loosen the binds on his wrists by using his whole body weight, causing the chair to start shifting and scuffing the floor with its legs as he moved.

Oh, great,’ he thought as the girl’s amphibian meeting came to an end and was focusing her attention back to him. He immediately stopped hopping around in the chair and played the innocent card, acting as if he wasn’t doing anything at all.

What he wasn’t expecting was that as she walked toward the fireplace, she was pulling him along with her. The quick tug from her hair caused the chair to shift its balance to one leg, spin a few times, then finally tilted as his weight and gravity allowed his face and the floor to reunite again. He exclaimed in pain before wrenching his eyes open to see what she was referring to. “You mean the lantern things they do for the princess?” His voice was nasally as his face was squished against the cold floor and he still couldn’t budge.


Rapunzel by abelle2 on Flickr.
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Cameleon by Sergiu Bacioiu on Flickr.
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