And then Tangled in India OOPS OOPS OOPS

omfg I could watch the end credits forever *_____*


A little something to make up for the hiatus!

I keep meaning to paint other princesses but I can’t help it, Indian Rapunzel has always been my favorite…

Bollywood meets Disney
» tangled meets khoobsurat


Finally doing my own take on the whole Tangled in India racebending.

I don’t want a dupatta bc the hair is enough for drapey things really. Outfit is pretty much set, will be adding some of the Disney embroidery with my own.
Definitely putting a bindi ornament, which always goes best with center partings like she has haha
I’m still not sure if I wanna do a huge pony tail or have it down or something, bc now it’s in between the two. No braid since Disney already did that. Plus having it loose give the impression it’s functional, as in ropes and whatnot

Any suggestions?


Tangled in India- Rapunja by Maaronn. An alternative take on the Disney story.


Rapunzel by arabianberry


endless list of movies i rewatch frequently » Tangled (2010)

I’ve been looking out a window for 18 years, dreaming about what it might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything that I dreamed it would be?


Rapunzel Mural by ~matthewhoworth


Rapunzel by abelle2 on Flickr.